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About Deviant Artist I miss you Scar-Face ;(Female/United States Groups :icontheoddworldcommunity: TheODDWORLDCommunity
For the nostalgic Oddworld fans
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All Art (c) DEATH989 Do Not Copy/Steal/Repost/Alter/ My Art/Characters In Any Way!

contence: My characters, Oddworld stuff's, Spyro stuff's, Crash stuff's,My rattie, and some other stuff's :3



Things that I have fav'ed


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I miss you Scar-Face ;(
United States




I almost never log out, so I might not actually be on :)and most of the time's I take a loooong time to type things in-gotta think'um through ^^

:bulletblack::iconlookitplz:Music of Interest:iconlookitplzleft::bulletblack:

Electronica, Classical,Instrumental

Muse, Gorillaz, Mickle Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Evanescence,
Orchestral manuevres in the dark, Daft Punk, Tears for fears, Modern Talking, Enigma, Rick Asley, Kate Ryan, RedNex, EverClear, Cutting Crew, Beck, Nelly Furtado, Super Tramp, The Cure, Kylie, Crash Test Dummies, Black Lab, Blur, Bass Hunter, Bobby Darin, Bobby Caldwell, Bobby Day, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole...

:bulletblack::iconlookitplz:Awsome Movies:iconlookitplzleft::bulletblack:

All Dogs Go To Heaven
Dinosaurs TV
Jurassic park
The Brave Little Toaster
The Land Before Time
The Last Unicorn
The Pebble And The Pengin
The Thief And The Cobbler
Rock And Rule
Roll Back The Rock
Rock A Doodle


P.S. I have bad spelling
I'v bin drawing since elementry skool, I had one of the best art teachers ever,Miss Hanbee. ummmm I prefer to draw on lined paper but i also have started drawing on full white in 2008. I do not like to color my pictures because that just ruins them. but 4 future needs I started a book for coloring in 2009. I draw in meny forms such as detailed, scetch, toon, basic ect...

I'm very protective over my drawings and created characters , thats why my drawings say do not modify/alter or draw my art or characters. why am I like this because drawing is all I live for and my siblings always went through my things-I never realy had enything for my self.They even destroyed and scribbled on my drawings making me feel like crap and my parents did nothing about it.

Any-way feel free to ask me question's I'm here to help ^^. I dont tend to talk much and I also tend to keep what I want to say unposted in fear of angering someone, but I'm working on that :meow:

:bulletblack::iconlookitplz:My Group‘s:iconlookitplzleft::bulletblack:

-Founder of-

:icontheoddworldcommunity: :pointr: Oddworld Peoples

:iconthetwistedmetalarena: :pointr: Twisted Metal(game)Peoples

:iconspyro-and-crash: :pointr: for classic Spyro and Crash peoples(not yet a group, but eventually will be :p)any questions/comments for or about this group :note: me(death989)WILL BE CONVERTED TO GROUP SOON!

-Co-founder of-

:iconspyroandamdrag: :pointr: for classic Spyro and American Dragon: Jake Long peoplez.


:bulletgreen: that I can do better
:bulletpurple: computer codes(html,c++ and some others)
:bulletgreen: how to drawz ^^, dam right
:bulletpurple: that I have my own world in my head

:bulletblack::iconlookitplz:Coming Soon:iconlookitplzleft::bulletblack:

Comics and character art
:bulletgreen:Spyro (original based)
:bulletred:Medievil (original based) Canceled
:bulletred:Bioshock Canceled
:bulletgreen:ChildHood memories

currently working on
:bulletgreen:That commision that is sooooooo over due
:bulletgreen:Getting my groups up to date and back on track
:bulletgreen:Spyro art contest
:bulletgreen:A lot of other stuff, A LOT!
3-d modles
info N/A

:bulletblack::iconlookitplz:Group‘s that I am in:iconlookitplzleft::bulletblack:


Emote Pool

:) :D XD :P :( >:v :onfire::iconcameraglompplz::iconexplodelaplz::evillaugh:
:spotlight-left::iconfrageplz::spotlight-right::pointl: mah fav ^^ :icongwompplz:

Alright so the bee story.

I was out a few days ago checking up on my plants and what not. Then I decided to trans"plant" (LOL, failz) 4 of my sproutlings to some bigger turf, so I did. After that I noticed that my hands were a little dirty and I didn't have my water bottle near by and I didn't feel like going in to the house so I had the Great idea of cleaning my hands by wiping them on the grass. So I perceded to do so. Little did I know, that a big ass mutha'fucking bee was right there where I was whiping my hands... I like "OH SHEEEEEEEET! I'M SOOO SORRY MISTER BEE! I DIDN'T MEAN IT!" But did the bee give a dam, No, no it did not! It go so pissed that I thought it was going to steal my soul. So I got up and RAN to the back of the house in hopes of, what else, outruning the bee. As I did So I was thinking to myself "The bee's probably not following my but just to be safe I'm gonna keep running untill I get Into the house. I book'it up the porch and past my little bro and sis. who are just chill'in out side because it was nice out. I get in the house and and shut the door behind me ad quickly turned around to find that the be had in fact chased me some 25 feet as it made a u-turn back to the frount of the yard. For a second I thought the bee made it into the house with me so I froze. As my little bo and sis saw the bee chasing me and go back and they were like "No...Frigin...Way! That bee totally chased you down". LOL, Dam I freaked, any who, I went back out side a few minutes later and we talked about what the hell just went down, that bee chasen meh. Then out of the corner of my eye I see a black thing just wize by, It was the Frigan bee making a secound pass! So I ran into the dam house again, Dam it be leave meh Alown! Thats pretty much it, my Epic story an angry bee chasen me down and making a fly by to see if it could get meh! But'cha didn't HAHAHA! Aww what, You though I was going to get stung?
  • Listening to: Pandora (around the world lala)
  • Watching: for that bee!

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Small-Brawler Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yoooo man, idk if you still moderate the Twisted Metal Arena group as it's been inactive but i got a few deviations that i'd like to submit there that have been in the review stage for quite a while so if you'd like to check 'em out and put 'em in, it'd be a real honour.

otherwise, i'm sorry i'm speaking so informally and i apologize if i've bothered you.
Megamrine Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
Are you still around thees promises?
cynder45667 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
because I was blocked of the group if I did not know the group that injustice I do not have as to speak with the founder I'll tell you to talk to him unlock Seila me what i had done I do not remember I've moved I will not do more if I am innocent will be an injustice block me for nothing this group :iconspyroandamdrag:
xSun-Starx Featured By Owner May 25, 2014
Aww, boo-hoo-hoo. :sarcasm: Cry me a river, build me a bridge and fuck off. :finger: The damage is already been done. I mean, seriously? How old are you? 2-years-old? Learn to grow up and learn to face the music. You know what you did wrong and you can't deny it. You aren't innocent for breaking rules, you fucking cunt. That's what you get for violating the rules for attempting to submit your crackpot bullshit to the group. Of course, the founder won't welcome you back with open arms. 

Oh, and the founder is a she, not a he. She booted you out for a reason so stop being a dickhead. Once a dickface, always a dickface. 
DEATH989 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
Ok, um is your account that you are trying to use for the group the same one that got banned or is this a new account? Did you submit any art that is not related to American Dragon or the Original spyro(if your remember). I'll see if I can get hold of the founder and check this out.

Also sorry for the late reply
xFlowerstarx Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

No, you are not permitted to invite that rule-breaker back into the group under no circumstances. No exceptions. Because of her, the rules are more stricter than ever and I, too, have become more stricter to everyone else. The only way now to join the group is through voting. Of course, only I have a say-so.


It's my group and I can do whatever I want with it, however I please.

SinisterSlime Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012

BAMmwuhaha Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
and thanks for the fav ^_^
your NomNomNom makes me hungry :chew:
SinisterSlime Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012
Okay, it's been like...thirty years minimum since we've hung out.
We must do it again, I MISS YA D:
(Also I want mah Spyro back c:)
daesna Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave!!! :alphaosiris:
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